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Monday, 21 October 2013

Richardson Arts Alliance Names Heart for the Arts Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award-Kathy Chamberlain, Patron for the Arts-Courtenay Tanner, and Ambassador for the Arts-Sarah Nesbit

Award recipients Courtenay Tanner, Sarah Nesbit and Kathy Chamberlain will be honored at the annual Heart for the Arts Gala on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014.

“I am so thrilled that we have three wonderful women representing the arts community here in Richardson.  They exemplify what it means to ‘give tirelessly,’ and each one has promoted, supported and gifted the city of Richardson’s cultural arts,” said Jenny Kelly, President of the Richardson Arts Alliance.

Courtenay Tanner will be recognized as the “Patron for the Arts,” which is given to outstanding community leaders who have devoted time and resources to further the arts in the greater Richardson area. “Courtenay was instrumental in getting the Richardson Arts Alliance established in 1986, and it is the umbrella organization supporting all local arts groups.  RAA was very involved in the initial discussions, plans and fundraising to build a performing arts facility in the area, which culminated in the September 2002 opening of the Charles W. Eisemann Center. She has been a beacon in the Richardson community and continues to support the cultural arts,” said Kelly.


Sarah Nesbit, Eisemann Center Development and Marketing Manager, will be recognized with the “Ambassador for the Arts” award for her continued support of the arts in the Richardson community as well as the North Texas region. “Sarah is an integral part of the arts community in Richardson, and she supports the entire region with her work as the creative director for the Dance Council of North Texas publication.  She is an amazing resource for us, and we are thrilled to honor her,” said Kelly. 

Kathy Chamberlain, founder and CEO of Chamberlain Performing Arts, will receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for her dedication and leadership in bringing fine arts education and outreach programming to the residents of North Texas. “Kathy has developed extraordinary outreach programs in Richardson by offering free performances to all ages and dance classes to the underserved community. Since 1991, more than 35,000 individuals have benefitted through Kathy’s outreach programs,” said Kelly.

The award recipients will be honored at the annual Heart for the Arts Gala on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014, at the Charles W. Eisemann Center.  The mission of the Richardson Arts Alliance is to promote and develop the cultural arts in the City of Richardson through communications, collaboration and education by the organizations interested in the arts.